Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies App Reviews

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Mon speudo skype Lisandru_sniper[terror]


Just not very lot of player connected

Support for Bluetooth Gamepads missing !!!!!

Game is great ,just without using a Gamepad its handling is much to slow and difficult !!! Please do support for all Bluetooth Gamepads soon !

Good but.....

....please fix the matchmaking and gameplay, graphics, and general in-game issues to the latest iOS version. It is NOT possible to find lobbies.


One of the best games I own but it would be amazing if you added five

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I bought the game but every time I try to download it. The game just doesnt want to download. Help me


This game owsome. Yes thats right I put an o in front of awesome


The maps are great and fun. But its getting kinda old. If its possible to make more maps that would be great. This not coming from me, its coming from a lot of people. And i totally understand why you wont make new maps. But, just do your best. Thx guys. One more thing. Multiplayer doesnt work. May you please fix it for us, that would be great. Keep up the great work:)

Its cod zombies got to love it

Its a bit to get a hang of the touch screen. But its a good time

I want I refund

Please give my money back its description lies its a very bad game all the screen shots are lies I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!

Zombie A.I

The zombies just walk through the walls and just walk one way and keep walking out of the map. Plz fix


Awsome and cool


I absolutely love this game! Im glad they added the point thing so if I want to get to a high round I can buy stuff early on with the points! 2 bad things are the graphics are bootyballs and the controls are somewhat good but sometimes I Mis-Click and I cant really knife :)


Considering this is an older game, Im happy Activision still updates it occasionally. I would have given 5 stars, but theres a bug that really bothers me. Im very disappointed that Online doesnt work, you get launched into a lobby with people, but nobody shows up. Other than that, I think it would be great if you guys added the map five.


Not compatible with icade controller... :( Update plz!!


This is the best app ever and totally worth it!

Good game

I love the game but add more maps and partners to help you


Please Treyarch make a update to fix bugs like one glitch is that the mystery box dosent appear


Please add me on Game Center my nickname is SonicTreeFrog I need people to play with! Im fine with any map!


Best game ever, an exact replica of the console version but you can play it anywhere!!! It is Bugatti the best game Ive ever played on an iPod!

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